The Association of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers and Implementers (ANCRT) will present the 2022 In-service Continuing Education Program (ICEP) in a new format.


E-Course Alternative Coming Soon

We will soon be posting e-course options for individuals who were unable to attend one of the ICEP sessions in 2022.

We are "working the ROMA Cycle" by analyzing our data and reassessing the needs of our community. Just like COVID initially prompted us to change delivery systems, we find that we need additional changes to allow more people to access training via alternative electronic systems and also alternative local or regional in-person sessions.

In the future we hope to have various options to complete continuing education each year through designated trainings that can be delivered a variety of ways:

  • State/Regional web based training
  • State/Regional in-person training
  • National in-person training
  • National web based training
  • E-course offerings

FOR NOW sign up for the wait list if you are interested in this option for continuing education. We will keep you posted as we have this available.

If you are in process of recertification, once you are on the wait list, you can enter that information into the text box related to the ICEP and submit it.


Session 1 - Scaling Out to Bring ROMA to Life
As a Nationally Certified ROMA Professional, you may have had people ask you, "What's next?" after they have attended an Introduction to ROMA training. Hear NCRPs from across the county share how, by using different areas of the ROMA Cycle as a focus, they have engaged their agency and local network to move beyond introduction to implementation of ROMA principles and practices.

Session 2 Plan Your Pathway to Positive Impact - Don't Rely on Magic.
Each NCRP will present a plan in the 2022 recertification process so this session will be useful to highlight good practices in using the ROMA Cycle to develop a plan to produce a pathway to positive impact.

Session 3 - Using Agency Report Data
Examples from the field will demonstrate the use of different kinds of agency data to make decisions about planning/setting targets for the future. There will be a review of the practice of using data to identify trends and considering what new data is needed.

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