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NPtP Implementer Recertification

Nationally Certified ROMA Implementers (NCRI)
RE-CERTIFICATION PROCESS for 2021, 2022 and 2023.

If you are not logging into the Recertification, but want to watch the video recordings about the parts, you can do so here.
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Being an NCRI is not just about completing certification or recertification and maintaining active status, but it is about putting your skills to work to help improve your agency performance management. In part because of the Organizational Standards, NCRPs are called upon to provide on-going input and support to the network related to the implementation of the full ROMA Cycle.

The process for recertification is reviewed every year to assure it is meeting the goal: assuring knowledge, skills and competence of National ROMA Professionals. These are the changes for the 2021 to 2023 time frame.

To maintain On-going Active Certification as a ROMA Implementer, you will have to complete the following information each year. For additional information about changes to recertification requirements, please refer to the Spring 2021 ANCRT Newsletter (link to Information tab)


When you open the ROMA Audit, you will see that your original certification date is at the top of the first scoring column. The date of your projected annual re-certification will appear at the top of the other scoring columns. The date your application is actually approved will also be entered in this column.

You will be entering scores in the first column, based on your perception of the status of your agency's implementation of ROMA principles and practices as of the time of your certification portfolio. We suggest you review the strengths and ideas for improvement that you identified at the end of each section of the portfolio. Each year, you will come back and update your perceptions of the current status of your agency ROMA implementation. An auto calculation will appear in the third column, showing the difference between these two scores. Individual data from this scoring will not be shared by ANCRT, but aggregate data will be used for analysis of the impact of the ROMA Implementers across the country.

If this is your first recertification, the second column will reflect a date that is 12 months after your original certification. If you have previously submitted a recertification, you will move to the next column. You will see annual dates in the Audit to provide you with the means to keep an annual watch on your impact as a Certified Implementer.

Part Two: Impact Pathways Plan

The Audit will help you identify an area on which you want to exert your influence over the next year. You will select one thing that you feel will be important to your agency's capacity to produce results and/or engage in improved performance management activities.

Directions are provided (at the Plan section of the application) that will guide you through creating a plan for your Implementer role going forward. You will be asked to update the results of your efforts related to this plan on an annual basis.

Part Three: ICEP Report

It is important that you are connected with other ROMA Professionals and that you are provided with current information and resources to assure your on-going competence. To that end each NCRI is to attend a minimum of 5 hours of In-service Continuing Education Program (ICEP) each year. at least once in each recertification period. If you have attended an ICEP, your most recent attendance information will be auto-populated into the application. There will be a text box to allow you to provide further information. See ICEP tab for information on the upcoming session/s.

Part Four: Development of Family Level Logic Model

4a To demonstrate your continuing competence with the development of a FAMILY LEVEL LOGIC MODEL, you will be asked to produce all of the columns of a logic model using a family level need and a program you are familiar with (either that your agency provides, or if you are at the state/regional/national level, a program you understand). You will be asked to complete all of the columns correctly (a logic model check list is provided to help you review your entries before you submit).

4b You will then be asked to use the elements from your projected indicator and actual indicator to identify the percent that represents the agency's ability to target achievement of outcomes.

4c Finally you will be asked to provide a brief analysis of what you see presented in the logic model.


 Click here   to start the recertification process.
You must be in active status as a Certified Implementer to log into this recertification portal.
When you log in, you will be asked to download the acknowledgement of commitment and the invoice for the recertification fee.

Print these two documents, referring the invoice to the appropriate fiscal process. The invoice will show the date you started your application for recertification, not the date you submitted it.

Please sign the acknowledgement (including supervisory signature as appropriate) and include it with your payment of the recertification fee. This will help to assure proper credit and a complete record for you.