NPtP Implementer Recertification

Nationally Certified ROMA Implementers (NCRI)
Recertification Process for 2023.

This application portal will be closed for data entry as of Feb. 9. If you have not submitted by that time, you will be inactive in our system.
Use the Contact Us tab to communicate with us if you have questions or problems.

You must be in active status as a Certified Implementer to log into this recertification portal.

Check the My Info tab to find your certification and recertification information. Note: if you are inactive you will not have access to log into the My Info tab. If you cannot log in, please use the Contact Us tab and we will begin a dialogue with you about returning to active status.

You are expected to complete and submit the Recertification Application within 6 weeks of the date you first open it. If the Review Team has questions, you will be expected to respond within 10 days of the message sent to you via email.

Information about the RE-CERTIFICATION PROCESS for Nationally Certified ROMA Implementers (NCRI)

Being a Nationally Certified ROMA Professional is not just about completing certification or recertification and maintaining active status, but it is about putting your skills to work to help to teach the network about basic ROMA principles and practices. In part because of the Organizational Standards, NCRPs are called upon to provide on-going input and support to the network related to the implementation of the full ROMA Cycle.

To retain active status as a Implementer you will be required to confirm/update your contact information each year. Also you are required to conduct an annual ROMA Audit to keep track of the ways your agency is implementing the full ROMA cycle and good performance management practices. Analysis of the data you generate with the ROMA Audit will allow you to develop a plan for your work as an NCRI over the coming year. Part of the Recertification Application will be to enter description of current situation (need), expected change, some action steps you will lead or be a part of, and the measurement tools you will use to prove

You are also expected to engage in continuing education to maintain your knowledge and skills. A part of the Recertification process is to attend In-service Continuing Education Program (ICEP) offerings You will also be responsible for demonstrating continuing competence by responding to content questions, analyzing a logic model and creating a logic model each year. This will be done in the form of an e-course. You will get 1 hour of continuing education credit for this e-course. You must get a passing score to be approved for ongoing active status. You will be provided with guidance if you do not get passing score and will have the opportunity to correct your work.

You will have various options to complete an additional 4 hours of continuing education each year through designated trainings that can be delivered a variety of ways:

  • State/Regional web based training
  • State/Regional in-person training
  • National in-person training
  • National web based training
  • E-course offerings

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NOTE: If you are dually certified, use the Contact Us tab to ask for special support. You will complete some information for each level of certification, but will not duplicate the continuing education efforts.